Day 1 food log


Breakfast: 1.5 pieces of bacon, 1 egg, espresso

I really have fewer cravings and hunger when I start the day off with very few carbs. I don’t mind having berries, an apple, lentils, or a sweet potato later in the day, but if I have one of those slightly ‘carbier’ foods early in the day, I find it hard to deal with hunger. Sweet and carby foods dominate my thoughts, and all of a sudden I’m at a drive-through ordering a coke, not even knowing how I got there.


Snack 1: Fage Total Full Fat Plain Yogurt + thawed frozen organic blueberries

Lunch: Skeeter’s Grilled Chicken Salad with no Croutons + Ranch
(I forgot to take a photo, so I got this on the Skeeter’s website. My salad was the one right in the front.)


Snack 2: 2 Babybel original minis and a bag of carrots


A delicious end to day 1! Taco salad- with greens, broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, grass-fed taco meat, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Doesn’t taste low-carb to me!


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