The Plan

I’ve been dabbling with a low/slow-carb diet for a few weeks (and cheating), so I’ve decided to do a bit more planning and really commit. Here’s the food plan so far:

Breakfast Ideas:

1 or 2 eggs + bacon or turkey sausage

2 egg omelet with avo and cream cheese

2 egg omelet with spinach, olives, and parmesan

Snack Ideas:

plain fage total yogurt + berries/apple

babybel cheese + berries/apple

sliced turkey + carrots

veggie slices and cheese/turkey

Lunch/Dinner Ideas:

veggies + meat + ½ sweet potato

veggies + meat + lentil soup

veggies + meat + roasted squash

Cheat Days for 2012/2013:
(one a month)


Thanksgiving (Nov. 22)
Christmas (Dec. 25)

January ________
Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)
March _________
April _______
Mother’s Day (May 12)
Father’s Day (June 16)
July 4th
August _________
September _______
Halloween (Oct. 31)
Thanksgiving (Nov)
Christmas (Dec. 24)

My plan to commit involves documenting what I eat and how I feel on this blog – with pics and recipes. Before deciding to do “slow-carb,” I’ve been gluten free for about 8 or 9 months and also tried paleo off and on in that time too. Why? Well, having a baby 10 + months ago threw my body out of whack, and I’m trying to balance the scale, my hormones, my mood, and now my meals. A new kind of balance – one that doesn’t include high GI carbs or any processed foods. I love to cook, so that helps, but I also tend to get stuck in a meal rut – eating the same thing every day.

More details about how/why I’m eating this way can be found here.


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