This Week’s Low-Carb Dinner Menu and Shopping List

I started meal planning months ago, but now I’m having to revamp my dinner menu binder with low-carb recipes. It truly helps me to plan ahead and have all the ingredients I need for the week in order to keep things fresh and not resort to the same old dinners over and over. (And, consequently, end up cheating because I’m so bored with what I’m eating!) Most of these are not my recipes, so I’ll link to all of the recipes I’m using. I’ll publish the Personal Portabella Pizza recipe later this week (once I write it all out).  Please leave a comment if you tried something yourself and what you thought of the dish. I’d love to hear some adaptations!

FYI – I only cook on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. We eat leftovers the next night.


Meal Planning Worksheet – blank (doc)

This Week’s Dinner Menu and Shopping List with links to recipes (pdf)

Custom Grocery List by Category (to include breakfast, lunches, and other household stuff) (xls)


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Low-Carb Dinner Menu and Shopping List

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