Background: Before deciding to do “slow-carb,” I’ve been gluten free for about 8 or 9 months and also tried paleo off and on in that time too. Why? Well, having a baby 10 + months ago threw my body out of whack, and I’m trying to balance the scale, my hormones, my mood, and now my meals. A new kind of balance – one that doesn’t include high GI carbs or any processed foods.

Slow-Carb, or Low-Carb, to me translates as such: TONS of organic and/or local green veggies, other veggies (even sweet potatoes in limited amounts), some fruit (specifically berries and apples), and high quality protein (free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, uncured and organic bacon and sausage).  I also eat lentils from time-to-time.  I try to cook most of my meals myself to control ingredients, but I have lots of links to local restaurants that can accommodate a low-carb, gluten-free lifestyle.

My Own Dietary Limitations (other than carbs): I’m allergic to shellfish, which explains the lack of all things crustacean-y. I am also currently on a low-nickel diet (most of the time) due to an eczema flare that I’m trying to get under control. This means NO nuts, beans, legumes, or cocoa. I try and take a Vitamin C with each meal to counteract the nickel absorption, so I may stray from this a bit with lentils or on cheat days with all sorts of things. When I get rid of this eczema, I will try to once again incorporate nuts and other legumes into my diet. I used to LIVE on almonds and almond flour!  I’m also still 100% gluten-free (due to gluten intolerance), which seems easy to do as no carb, but there is hidden gluten everywhere, so I use special menus when eating out  to make sure I avoid gluten.

Cheat Days: I’ve decided to choose one cheat day a month (I thought one every week was too much), and I’ve planned out most of them to fall on holidays, so that I can celebrate with family and friends without limiting myself.  On a cheat day, I will eat and drink whatever I want (except gluten because I just feel too ill afterwards).  This is allowed from sun-up to midnight on the designated cheat day (not a 24-hour binge!). The day after a cheat day is like any other low-carb day.  I really feel like I have to allow myself these cheat days in order to have something to look forward to and to, frankly, stay sane. Eating low-carb can be delicious, but it certainly isn’t always easy to stick to when everyone around you seems to be on a high-carb path.

Moving! Well, not only do I need to focus on what I eat, but I need to increase the amount I move every day.  My current goal is to take a 30-minute walk every morning, and to do strength training 1-2 times per week.


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