Dr. Shen Ping Liang at Acupuncture Care Houston http://www.acupuncturecarehouston.com/our-practitioners.php

Goode Co. Seafood, custom gluten-free menu (I had the broiled chicken breast and steamed asparagus on my last visit.) http://www.goodecompany.com/assets/files/SEA-Menu-Gluten-Free.pdf

Houston Celiacs, a great resource for GF eating in Houston: http://www.houstonceliacs.org/

Urban Harvest Farmers Markethttp://urbanharvest.org/farmmarket/farmmarket.html

Ruggles Green Menu, a wonderful restaurant that makes it easy to eat low carb and gluten free: http://www.rugglesgreen.com/menus/appetizers/

Local Foods, an excellent restaurant that sources locally: http://www.houstonlocalfoods.com/

Benjy’s (ask for the gluten free menu): http://www.benjys.com/flash.html


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